Yolande in full swing

Fancourt Golf Marshall Yolande Magatye walked away victorious when she won the Stableford division of the Cape Town Disabled Open.

Yolande is a champion in the true sense of the word. She’s played golf for a while, but three years ago her leg was amputated. For Yolande it felt like the end of the world. “I thought I will never play golf again. Life is over.” But Wanna Be A Champion golfing veteran Val Holland stepped up for Yolandi and signed the forms for the amputation, convincing her that she would still work, provide for her four children … and play golf. Val started canvassing for donations so that Yolandi could receive a prosthesis. But Yolandi says she still felt ashamed and depressed and didn’t want to be seen in public. She slowly started to play again with the help of lessons and clawed her way back to the top, scooping this coveted award. Her family was so proud of her and Yolande says she says her life now as a role-model, “I spoke to this lady Gugu who had only one arm. I said to her just accept what has happened to you. You are still beautiful. You still smile. You still play golf.” Look out of Yolande as she patrols as Fancourt Golf Marshall. And when she’s not doing that, she’s taking every opportunity she has to practice, playing the bunkers.