Fancourt: A voice for the Garden Route’s animals

Animal welfare is a cause close to the Fancourt team’s heart, so when we were asked to identify worthy organisations to add to our CSR footprint in the coming year in and around the George community, it didn’t take long for us to nominate the Garden Route SPCA!

Indeed, they came out tops when we had to consider all of the nominated organisations that provide support to either animal welfare or environmental causes and that met our standard terms and conditions and qualifying criteria. Made up of both George’s and Mossel Bay’s SPCA branches, the Garden Route SPCA’s mission is to combat cruelty to animals big and small and to promote the proper care of animals through outreach and education in the communities it serves.

“Animals are unable to speak for themselves, and when they are abandoned, neglected and abused, they need an organisation dedicated to helping them. They need a voice. At the Garden Route SPCA, we are that voice. And the action behind it,” says Garden Route SPCA general manager, Frieda Jansen van Rensburg. “We help all animals,” she says. “Not just cats and dogs, but cows, horses, goats, pigs, snakes, birds, ducks, seals, penguins, tortoises, buck, rats, mice, rabbits, crocodiles… You can’t even begin to imagine the animals we’ve helped!”

The Garden Route SPCA’s ability to carry out its work, which includes sterilisation drives, education initiatives, medical care and prosecutions, is almost solely dependent on public funding, and Fancourt’s support will be sincerely appreciated.

We’re very glad we can help and are looking forward to assisting the Garden Route SPCA in its work over the coming year.

Indeed, all ongoing support is both needed and valued, so as a Fancourt guest you can also help out at the Garden Route SPCA, either by making direct donations or by shopping with your MySchool card or attending their events, if you are local. How you choose to help is entirely up to you.

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