The Caddie Foundation Fund was originally established to assist our caddies during winter, when the number of golfers on our three courses dips.

In March 2020, in response to South Africa’s COVID-19 imposed lockdown and the temporary closure of Fancourt, an emergency fund was established to assist the caddies through this difficult time.

Fancourt’s caddies rely on daily ‘bags’ in order to make ends meet. The closure of the courses has had a profound effect on their lives – and that of their families.

The Caddie Trust has 138 listed beneficiaries and, with the support of our member base, partners and loyal guests we to hope to support each caddy through the pandemic.

Dr Plattner kicked off the fund with a substantial donation and several members have pledged their support.  We would invite all our members to contribute in any way possible.

A specially constituted team has been put in place to assist with fundraising and the distribution of funds to the caddies:

  • Dale Irvine – professional trustee representing Sentinel International
  • Shelley Mackay – legal representative with knowledge of the industry
  • Sonja Bland – Fancourt Country Club Member with insight into the industry and a special interest in the wellbeing of the Fancourt Caddies

Should you wish to contribute, please see our banking details below:

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