Guests are welcome to make use of the spa’s complimentary facilities, which include:

Heated Roman Bath and Jacuzzi

Providing a contemporary take on ancient culture, Fancourt’s Roman Bath combines the calming effect of water with the detoxifying potential of heat. At 31 degrees, the Roman Bath is a comfortable place to unwind and recharge after a day of golfing or as part of your leisure experience at Fancourt. Weekly water aerobics classes are hosted in this area, which includes a blissful jacuzzi. Please note: this is an adults only area. 

Sauna and Steam Room

Our sauna and steam room creates the perfect conditions for melting away tensions, stimulating healthy circulation and soothing tired muscles. Gently heated to the optimum temperatures for relaxation and wellbeing, these immaculate facilities are designed to augment the luxurious Fancourt experience. 


In a nod to a time-honoured Roman bathing ritual, the tepidarium houses heated seats that gradually elevate the body’s temperature to improve circulation and promote deep relaxation. The design of this area includes a series of vents which release different essential oils every 5 minutes, treating guests to a heat therapy session coupled with an aromatherapy experience.  

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