Fancourt’s Colonial Lodges line the fairways of the Montagu golf course, overlooking an expanse of immaculately manicured land. As popular lock-up-and-go holiday homes, these fully furnished lodges are where modern convenience meets classic sophistication. Aesthetically refined to create a community of residences that bear a signature style, each home is pared down with its simple white walls and green roof.

These properties vary in size from one to four en suite bedrooms in the executive lodges and either four to six en suite bedrooms in the corporate lodges. Purchasing a share in a two-bedroom syndicated lodge entitles the member to six individual weeks’ accommodation per annum, with a seventh week every alternate year. In a three-bedroom syndicated lodge, members receive four individual weeks’ accommodation, with a fifth week every third year. A Fancourt Family membership is included in the purchase of a share in a syndicated lodge.

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The Fancourt Real Estate office is situated between the Business Centre and the Tours office.

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